Can a Gambler go to jail for Unpaid Markers? | McCarthy Law PLC
November 8, 2013

Can a Gambler go to jail for Unpaid Markers?

In the good ole days, Las Vegas was a mob run town where not paying your gambling debts could get you “roughed up”, or “knocked around” by mafia goons. However, in recent years, the casinos have taken a more refined approach to debt collection and have enlisted a team of much stronger enforcers: the Nevada state legislature, the Clark County District Attorney, and the police. Pursuant to Nevada law, reneging on an marker is a felony.

Although borrowers do not need to fear being imprisoned for most debts, it is a different situation when the legislature acts to make something a crime. Many people are unaware that by not paying back a casino marker within 30 days, they are committing a felony. For people caught in this position, the pressure to pay up can be overwhelming. Not only will they be contacted by casino representatives, but by law enforcement as well.

Our advice is to NEVER sign a casino marker.  If you have the money to gamble, use it.  Don’t borrow from the casino.

However, gamblers who find themselves in this position should contact a debt settlement attorney immediately to evaluate their options to settle the debt and possibly avoid criminal prosecution.

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