Auto Loan Balances At All Time High?

According to Experian Automotive, outstanding loan balances reached $782.9 billion in the third quarter of 2013.  This is a new all-time high for auto loan balances.

California reported the highest spike in balances – up 29.3%.

Experian Automotive noted that the average dollar amount past due rose in both the 30 and 60 day delinquency categories as did the average charge-off amount on failed auto loans.

Vehicle repossession rates also increased from .40% to .62% of all auto loans in the last year.

For the full article: https://blog.credit.com/2013/11/auto-loan-balances-all-time-high/

Auto buyers will be issued deficiency balances if the cars are repossessed.  If this happens to you, consult with a debt settlement attorney to negotiate for a reduction in the deficiency balance.

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