Employer Insurance and Medical Bills
December 5, 2013

Do People with Employer Insurance Worry about Medical Bills?

The McCoy family seems like any other.  Hard working Americans just trying to take care of their family.  But behind closed doors, this is the reality; “the medical bills are adding up quick and won’t slow down any time soon.”  The McCoy’s young daughter, Mickie, is dealing with medical issues that were eventually diagnosed as epilepsy and HHT.

Since both McCoy parents are covered by their employers’ insurance, they assumed that medical costs would be covered.  However, they’ve since found out that they’re on the hook for almost $5,000 out of pocket with more to come.

Read more here: https://www.wrcbtv.com/story/23930326/local-family-struggles-to-pay-medical-bills

Medical bills can escalate quickly and affect the average hard-working American like you.  Tests, drugs, and treatments often aren’t fully covered by insurance and you’re left struggling with a way to pay the bill.  If you’re struggling to deal with these escalating medical bills, contact a debt settlement attorney today.  We’re happy to help put these bills behind you once and for all.





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