December 18, 2013

Are Complaints Against Debt Collectors on the Rise?

From the desk of Century City lead attorney Garrett Charity:

You bet!  The Better Business Bureau reports that complaints from harassing aggressive debt collectors are up 58% over the last ten years.  These debt collectors are usually busy during the holiday season.  The holidays are especially tough for consumers as holiday spending often drives people into further debt.

The Better Business Bureau has taken this time to remind consumers there are limits on how a debt collector can collect a debt.  These limits increase if you hire a qualified attorney to defend you and settle your debt. In California once you hire a qualified debt settlement attorney not only will that attorney know your rights, but also creditors, debt collectors, and other attorneys can only speak to your attorney by law.  If you are being continuously harassed by your creditors, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney to fight for your rights and settle your debts.