Business Cards with No Personal Guaranties? | McCarthy Law PLC
February 10, 2014

Business Cards with No Personal Guaranties?

Which business credit cards do not make you sign a personal guarantee?  The answer is simple.  None of them.  It is nearly impossible for a creditor to issue a business a credit card without making that card personally guaranteed by an individual.

This rule applies to all business types, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs.  Many new business owners mistakenly believe if they file for a business bankruptcy that all business debt is forgiven.  This is rarely if never true for credit card debt and other business loans.

So, how do you know if you personally guarantied your business debt?  If you had to provide your social security number for a credit check to gain your business line of credit, then most likely you also personally guaranteed that business debt against your private assets.

So, if your business is slow and creditors are calling on defaulted business lines of credit, it’s time to take action.  Contact a qualified debt settlement attorney and learn more about engaging a law firm to deal with your creditors.


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