March 6, 2014

Debt Collection Lawyers Censured For Unethical Behavior

Last week in New York, a court upheld misconduct charges against a debt collection firm for its unethical practices. The main practice at issue was continuing to pursue payment from debtors who the firm knew had already satisfied their debts. Additionally, there were cases where the firm knew they were pursing the wrong debtor but continued collection activities. Although these practices are not expressly in violation of the FDCPA, the court still found them to be unethical and wrongful.

People that are being contacted by debt collectors have many rights that many of them do not know about. In order to ensure that their rights are not being violated and that they are being treated fairly during the collection process, debtors should contact a qualified debt settlement attorney. A debt settlement attorney advise them of their rights and options, cnegotiate a reasonable settlement, if appropriate, defend a lawsuit, and make sure that debtor’s rights are not being violated moving forward.