Big Debt Collector Portfolio Recovery in Acquisition Mode?
March 11, 2014

Is Big Debt Collector Portfolio Recovery in Acquisition Mode?

Apparently.  Business must be good for debt collector Portfolio Recovery.  In fact, it is so good they are buying Aktiv Kapital AS, a Norwegian company that services non-performing consumer loans.

If you are in debt, your debt collector may very well be Portfolio Recovery.  At the end of 2013, Portfolio Recovery had cash collections of $1.1 billion, up 26% from full year 2012, with estimated remaining collections of $2.7 billion.  With 2013 revenues of $735.1 million, up 24% from 2012, Portfolio is an aggressive debt collector.

If you are being pursued by debt collectors, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney. A qualified debt settlement attorney can have all debt collection calls go through their office as they work to settle the debt for a fraction of the balance owed.   Debt collection is big business. Consumers can greatly benefit from qualified legal representation.


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