Good News for CA Victims of Wrongful Foreclosure | McCarthy Law PLC
March 18, 2014

Good News for CA Victims of Wrongful Foreclosure

California’s recently enacted Homeowners Bill of Rights may bring good news for homeowners that were victimized by a wrongful foreclosure.  Homeowners who were attempting or attempted to modify their mortgage without success and were foreclosed may have rights under the new law.

Any homeowner that was the victim of a foreclosure in California after January 1st, 2013 should consider reaching out to set a free consultation with a law firm like ours knowledgeable in the protections afforded by The California Homeowners Bill of Rights.   Lenders must now play by the rules during the process, and, if they do not,  the homeowner may be entitled to $50,000 or more in damages plus attorneys’ fees.

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