Are You a Credit Card Addict? | McCarthy Law PLC
April 8, 2014

Are You a Credit Card Addict?

For some people, a credit card is simply a backup mechanism for emergency spending.  For others, a credit card is used instead of cash to make purchases above and beyond one’s means.  A recent article explores some factors that may determine credit card addiction.

It is not a good sign if you do not know the actual balances on your credit cards and simply make the minimum payments each month.  Consumers should also have disposable income held in cash outside of credit card spending limits.  Applying for more credit cards to achieve more spending power is an unsustainable practice. Paying necessary bills on credit cards is also a sign of trouble.

Feeling shame about credit card debt is common but this shame can be relieved through debt settlement done by a qualified attorney. A qualified debt settlement attorney in many instances can help a consumer in debt free up larger sums of cash each month. A professional debt settlement law firm works to lower the balances on a debt which makes repayment possible in a shorter period of time.  Many consumers are completely maxed out on their cards before they realize they need help.  These consumers should turn to a qualified lawyer.

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