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May 21, 2014

Are Debt Collectors Out of Control?

Debt Collector Calling Work ?

One out of every seven Americans is being chased by a debt collector. According to the Center for Responsible Lending in their new report “The State of Lending in America and Its Impact on U.S. Households”, millions have lost their job, home or health, and are being subjected to harassing phone calls, with debt collect calling work and misrepresentation about the amount or legal status of their debt, obscene or abusive language, or unlawful threats.

As the co-author of the report points out, “the sheer lack of accountability in this industry is astonishing.”Read more here: Debt Collector Racket

At McCarthy Law, we shield our client’s from debt collection harassment and force the debt collectors to deal with the legal and hardship issues at hand. No more debt collector calling work – we can end all debt collector contact and negotiate to reduce debts substantially for our clients. We know the debt collection industry can be nasty, but there is no reason you need to face it alone. Find a local McCarthy lawyer who can help.

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