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May 22, 2014

Sallie Mae Torments Borrowers over Student Loans

Sallie Mae Student Loans Repayment Help

Students who had faithfully repaid their student loans found themselves tormented by the lender after the death of a co-borrower.  Many clauses within student loan agreements, called acceleration clauses, allow the lender to call the loan due in full when certain events occur and drives the demand higher for Sallie Mae student loans repayment help.  These events often include the death or bankruptcy of a co-borrower to the loan even though the principal borrower has made all payments in a timely manner.

Sallie Mae Student Loans Torment

These clauses seem unfair on their face alone.  However, Sallie Mae has taken them a step further with ruthless enforcement on grief stricken individuals.  Families struggling to come up with the money find themselves torn apart over a loan that had otherwise been faithfully repaid.  This is clearly another predatory lending practice of the private student loan lenders.  Facing a predatory aggressive lender like Sallie Mae, consumers need student loan debt settlement requiring a qualified debt settlement attorney.  A qualified debt settlement attorney can likely defend against the aggressive collection actions of Sallie Mae.  The attorney can work to settle a private student loan for a large reduction in the principal balance claimed due.  Hiring a debt settlement attorney can likely also give the consumer the peace of mind in having a qualified professional see though empty threats and deal with the painful phone calls from an aggressive student loan lender.  If you are having trouble repaying a private student loan, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney right away.


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