Mississippi Sues Experian for Violating Consumer Protection Law
June 25, 2014

Mississippi Sues Experian for Violating Consumer Protection Laws

The state of Mississippi has sued credit reporting agency Experian for alleged errors in the company’s data and regular violations of the consumer protection laws.  Many consumers buying a house or car either succeed or fail in those efforts based on their credit score.  Furthermore, if Experian knowingly included data full of errors to consumer credit reports, consumers could have failed background checks, and not passed sensitive government security clearances.


The lawsuit even goes further to allege Experian wrongfully reported consumers to be on terrorism watch lists.  Experian currently has no straightforward way for consumers to correct mistakes.  When consumers dispute data, Experian regularly finds in favor of the creditor.  Consumer complaint calls are transferred to sales calls for credit monitoring services.  The article goes on to detail numerous allegations of credit mix ups, errors, and illegal debt collection that greatly harmed consumers and cost them money.

If you are in debt, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney.  A qualified debt settlement attorney can analyze a credit report and look for errors.  These errors will not only save the consumer money, but may also lead to large reductions in debt owed to a creditor and perhaps even deletions of incorrect information.  Empower yourself with a legal muscle and consult with an experienced debt settlement attorney today.

Author:  Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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