Are you Embarrassed by your Credit Card Debt?

A recent poll found more Americans are embarrassed by credit card debt than their weight or age.  In fact, credit card debt was the #1 source of embarrassment followed by credit score.  The poll, taken by National Foundation for Credit Counseling, highlights the immense shame consumers have about finance issues.


As of April 2014 the average household at $15,919 of credit card debt.  This means if you are a consumer spending more than you take in, you are not alone at all.  Unfortunately, many consumers deal with this embarrassment by burying their head in the sand and not dealing with the problem.  That only ends up making things worse.

Instead of making things worse and falling deeper into debt, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney.  A qualified debt settlement attorney can consult on the best course of action for a consumer and tackle their mounting debt.  It’s time to break the cycle of endless minimum payments and contact a qualified debt settlement attorney today.

Author:  Kevin Fallon McCarthy


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Kevin Fallon McCarthy

Kevin Fallon McCarthy is the McCarthy Law PLC’s managing attorney and an experienced Phoenix debt attorney. Mr. McCarthy has also worked as general counsel for a large corporation. He has corporate counsel experience in human resource matters, general corporate governance, and union class action litigation.