August 1, 2014

Is Almost Half of Arizona in Debt Collection?

The entire country is carrying a lot of debt, but Arizonans for some reason seem to be carrying more. On top of that, Arizonans face significantly greater debt collection efforts than the average American across the rest of the country.

Nationwide, the average debt sent to collection is $5,178. In Arizona, it is $6,224. In Phoenix, the problem seems to be particularly bad. Average debt is nearly $2,000 higher than the national average, and household incomes were over $6,000 less as well. Hard times in Phoenix, do you need debt relief in Arizona?

As a natural result of carrying more debt, Arizonans are also experiencing debt collection about 4% more than the national average. Nearly 39% of Arizonans face debt collection on unpaid bills, such as credit card and hospital bills. This means that roughly every third person you pass in the mall is in collections. Crazy!

Like we said before, it is unclear exactly why these disparities exist, but it is clear that Arizonans are in need of some debt relief.

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Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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