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August 7, 2014

Business Debt Hits Gordon Ramsey’s Empire

Gordon’s Ramsey’s Kavalake Holdings has $69.6 Million Dollars of Debt

Los Angeles, CA:  Today Radar Online reports Gordon Ramsey’s Kavalake Holdings, the company that holds his various business endeavors, has racked up $50.5 million dollars of debt in one year.  In total the company has $69.6 million dollars of debt due to various creditors.  Unfortunately the company only has $25.7 million dollars of cash on hand.

Business debt is very common, and Gordon Ramsey has no intention of going out of business.  The answer for these companies in debt is debt settlement done by a qualified debt settlement law firm.  A qualified debt settlement law firm will not only settle debts for a fraction of the original balance, but will also defend law suits and handle the complex litigation associated with business debt.  If your business is facing debt that it cannot repay, contact a qualified debt settlement law firm today.

Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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