August 26, 2014

Are Late Fees Unlawful on Phone Services?

These days we all have experienced the annoyance of a late fee, hidden fee, and penalty fee.  Whether the fee is on a credit card, utility bill, or cell phone bill these little fees can certainly add up to large sums of money.  Well now in Australia phone bill late fees are at the center of a class action lawsuit.

At the heart of the class action suit is the argument that late fees do not actually reflect the monetary damage to the companies when the consumer pays a bill late.  One phone company Telstra had late fee and miscellaneous fee profits of $272 million dollars!  Is it lawful for a company to profit on late fees in Australia?  The courts will decide.  However, here in the United States these fees continue to eat at the consumer budget and prevent hard working people from getting ahead.  If fees and interest charges are preventing you from paying down debt, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney now.


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