September 2, 2014

Culture of Unaccountability or Unscrupulous Debt Collectors?

A recent news report by suggests that the problem with the debt collection industry lies not with unscrupulous debt collectors, but with “a culture of unaccountability” among consumers. What did the author mean by “a culture of unaccountability”? In the author’s own words: “there are approximately 318 million people in the United States and 75 to 100 million of them have completely refused to communicate with their original lender or to the entity to which they may owe money.” Basically, consumers are refusing to pay their bills, and American culture is encouraging that attitude, thus leading to the culture of unaccountability.

At McCarthy Law PLC, we do not think the blame is so clear cut. Most of our clients are doing everything imaginable to repay their creditors and not go into bankruptcy. Not only that, we see debt collection companies and law firms take illegal and unscrupulous actions all the time. And in the bigger picture — the effect of the great recession on consumers along with a lack in rebound in wages has had a harrowing effect on the American family. Basically, we understand the full picture.

You can read the article here:

If you want to repay your creditors but cannot imagine how to afford it, contact a debt settlement attorney. We can likely help you pay off your debts, satisfy your creditors, and not go into bankruptcy.



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