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October 22, 2014

Debt Negotiation Attorney

What is debt negotiation and how can it help you be more successful financially?

When you have too much debt, the most important step you can take is one you have already made by coming to this website. You want to take charge of a problem that is holding you back and keeping you from enjoying your life. You want to learn more about your options. As you learn about debt negotiation and debt settlement, the next step is to talk to a lawyer who will listen carefully and offer wise counsel.

Find out more about the solutions you will find at McCarthy Law.

  • Debt relief in California: We can explain the solutions available to you and recommend what is best in your unique case.
  • Debt settlement procedure: An experienced attorney can explain the steps in negotiating lower debt and establishing a plan to pay that debt.
  • Credit card debt lawsuits: Your lawyer can take quick action in response to a credit card company’s lawsuit.
  • How to get out of credit card debt: There are several ways to deal with your debts. Learn about what is best for you.
  • HELOC and mortgage debts: Your lawyer can explain the available options for HELOC and second mortgage deficiency debt.
  • Foreclosure deficiency debt: What should you do it the bank wants you to make up the difference after a foreclosure?
  • Negotiating with banks and other lenders: Your attorney can handle all negotiations and all contacts with your bankers and credit card companies so that you don’t have to deal with calls and letters.
  • Small business debt: If you are facing an SBA loan default, talk to a lawyer about negotiating an offer in compromise.
  • Stopping creditor harassment: Your lawyer can deal with all communications from your creditors.
  • Debt settlement vs. debt consolidation: Make sure you know the difference before you make a decision.
  • Do I need an attorney: There are significant disadvantages to handling your own negotiations – especially if the creditor decides to sue.

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Our law firm is focused on bank and credit card debt settlement and defending clients against creditor lawsuits. We have the experience and calm, reasoned approach that can help you move beyond this problem. Contact Us for an appointment at one of our Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or Phoenix area offices.

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