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October 22, 2014

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

Talk to an attorney about the right solution for you.

At McCarthy Law PLC, our attorneys listen carefully to clients to determine the right solution to overwhelming debt. For many people, bankruptcy is the right answer. It is not, however, the ideal solution for everyone facing a great deal of credit card debt or bank debt.

In a FREE consultation at McCarthy Law PLC, we will evaluate your economic situation. If bankruptcy is the most logical solution, we will recommend a lawyer who can handle that for you.

In many cases, however, bankruptcy is not an option.

  • You may not have an income low enough to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the “means test.”
  • A bankruptcy could have a negative impact on a security clearance, a professional license application or a business bonding application.
  • You may be unwilling to publicly disclose financial information by filing for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is a bankruptcy alternative. It allows a settlement to be negotiated with the creditor and paid off over a period of six months to three years without court (and public) scrutiny.

In a FREE consultation with an attorney,
decide which option works best for you.

More and more people are facing debt problems, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Talk to a lawyer whose practice is devoted to helping people find the solutions that fit their circumstances

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