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October 23, 2014

Why Hire an Attorney?

In negotiations or in defending a lawsuit, it is best to have a lawyer on your side.

Your bank and credit card company have lawyers – lawyers who deal every day with lawsuits and debt negotiations. You will have a stronger position if you have an attorney with debt negotiation and credit defense experience.

You can choose to represent yourself in debt settlement negotiations or even in a lawsuit filed by a credit card company. But, as in any field that requires knowledge and experience, it’s a good idea to place your confidence and your case in the hands of an experienced attorney.

  • An individual is at a significant disadvantage when dealing with credit card company lawyers or bank lawyers.
  • Because of experience and knowledge, your attorney can negotiate a more advantageous debt settlement.
  • By letting a lawyer negotiate on your behalf, you do not have to listen to personal attacks about your financial history.
  • A lawyer is licensed by the local Bar Association and is held to the Bar’s code of ethics. You can report any problems.
  • If a credit card company or bank decides to sue, your lawyer can take immediate and appropriate action.

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