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November 20, 2014

It’s About Time! Debt Collectors Arrested in Crackdown

Debt Collectors Stopped!

If you have outstanding debts that have been sent to seedy collection agencies, you may have experienced a similar conversation such as the one recorded and posted in this recent news article. CNN Money published an article that contains a recording of a telephone call from a debt collector that is threatening an individual with jail time. This telephone recording spurred on the arrests of John Todd Williams who owns the collection company and six of his employees.

Listen to the phone call here:

The arrests made were due to a $4.1 million dollar debt collection scam that was being run by Williams. The arrests are part of a large investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The systemic problem of illegal harassment in the collection industry is a widely used tactic to terrify and bully people into paying their debts no matter the cost.Unfortunately, people do not know there are law firms available to stop creditor harassment.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a source of protection that every consumer should know about. This act lays the ground rules for debt collection agencies and provides borrowers with possible cause for civil action if the act is violated. Consumers should educate themselves by reading the FDCPA rules. If you have outstanding debts and are being threatened by debt collectors, you should contact an attorney who has experience with FDCPA violations. An experienced attorney in this area can likely  assist you in settling your debts for less than is owed or pursue action against bad debt collectors.


Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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