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December 5, 2014

Does Holiday Debt Hit the Middle Class the Hardest?

Increased winter holiday spending and holiday debt is inevitable for most Americans. Many consumers are expected to spend money on travel, food, and gifts and many cannot afford this increased spending. Credit cards balances rise during this time of year to make up for the cash shortfall. Some Americans enter the holiday season already in debt and are unable to visit family and friends, partake in gifting, or prepare special holiday meals. A recent study shows middle class families have the most difficult time paying down this debt after the holidays are over.

Very few consumers are able to budget for the increased spending and thus overspend. This combined with a loss of employment, a health problem, or other life event could easily send a middle class family into debt default. If debt is becoming an issue this holiday season, contact a qualified debt settlement attorney. A qualified debt settlement law firm helps a consumer form an action plan to manage this increased debt and get out of debt. The holidays can be a challenging financial time for many people. Contact a debt settlement attorney and get out of debt.


Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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