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Today. Debt collectors regularly blur the line between fact and fiction when communicating with consumers. In telephone calls, letters, or emails, debt collectors will routinely threaten consumers with harsh outcomes if they do not immediately repay a debt. But what is true? A recent story from southern California finds debt collectors using the letterhead of local prosecutors to collect debts written from checks. The use of this letterhead threatens criminal legal action if the debt is not repaid in full along with a fine.

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Like most debt collector communication this letter from this story is not the whole truth. Consumers in this story were most likely not at risk of prosecution at all over a bad check. Regularly debt collectors will threaten wage garnishment, liens on property, and bank levies for unpaid debts. Often, these threats have no weight. Don’t let debt collectors scare you into paying debts you cannot afford to repay. Contact a qualified debt settlement attorney immediately for a consultation on your rights. A qualified debt settlement attorney will not only give you the peace of mind that most of these threats are empty, but will also work to settle the debt for a fraction of the original balance.

Author:  Kevin Fallon McCarthy


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