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December 18, 2014

Is Holiday Spending on the Rise?

Over the past several years, the general consensus among the public is that most consumers have worked very hard to limit the use of their credit cards. While some have been forced to use them for basic necessities, others have been successful in limiting their spending. Well the holiday season seems to be a game changer this year. National retail experts are expecting a 4% increase in spending this holiday season. It appears that this is due in large part from mostly positive growth in the job market.   While some feel that they are on the economic upswing, many Americans are still finding themselves unemployed or underemployed which is forcing many to use good old plastic for their Christmas spending. The following article gives some pointers on curbing your holiday spending.

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It can be extraordinarily easy to over spend when you are using credit cards to buy gifts. Whether the overspending is due to holiday spirit or the ability to remain detached from the actual “price”, the outcome is the same and is never positive. When those credit card statements roll in come January, many folks will be in for a huge shock. Many will find themselves with huge credit card bills and unfortunately, some will have the inability to pay. If you find yourself in this predicament, you should discuss your options with a debt settlement attorney. Attorneys that focus on this area of law can assist you in negotiating for reductions on the balances of credit cards, personal loans and even medical bills, all without the need for bankruptcy. Look for an attorney in your area that dedicates the majority of his/her practice to this area of the law.

Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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