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December 30, 2014

Debt Collectors Caught Lying?

Los, Angeles, CA

Today. Seven people have been arrested in an illegal debt collection scheme. The targets of the scheme were consumers in debt in Southern California who were threatened with jail time for unpaid debts. Under the law, you cannot be jailed for unpaid debt.

The debt collectors called about 6,000 consumers pretending to be a federal task force. Consumers were illegally threatened with jail time by having their cases forwarded to Los Angeles County authorities to issue warrants for their arrest. These types of tactics are unfortunately very common with debt collectors. Many consumers are completely unaware of the actual laws that apply to them and need professional help. If you are a consumer in debt contact a qualified debt settlement attorney. A debt settlement attorney will protect you from illegal threats and also work to settle the debt for a fraction of the balance claimed due.


Author: Kevin Fallon McCarthy

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