Taking Midland Funding and Other Debt Collectors Head On
January 7, 2015

Debt Collector or Midland Funding Lawsuit?

Taking Midland Funding Head On

Midland Funding is an aggressive debt buyer that usually buys debt directly from the original creditor. Because they buy directly the chain of title for the debt is usually short and clean. A debt buyer like Midland has the right to charge interest on the debt on the original terms of the lending contract. The also have the right sue on entire balance of the debt even if they bought the debt for much less than that value. However, debt buyers often have little knowledge of original agreement from the original creditor.

Midland Funding will sue on debts they own. They often will reach out to the debtor for payment in full of the entire balance and threaten a credit card lawsuit if payment terms cannot be agreed upon. The best strategy with an aggressive debt collector is to hire a debt attorney and engage them as early as possible. This is because a debt settlement attorney can possibly get the debt settled for less than the full balance before a lawsuit is filed. This head on approach by hiring a lawyer early takes away the debt collector’s threat of a lawsuit. A debtor represented by a lawyer will just answer the lawsuit and fight it on the merits until a settlement is reached. An unrepresented debtor is at a great disadvantage when threatened with a lawsuit because they will not know which threats are empty and which are valid. In addition, the litigation process is complex and confusing and the debt collectors know this.

If you are already sued by Midland or think you may have a Midland Funding lawsuit, or any other debt collector or debt buyer, hire a debt settlement attorney immediately. The debt settlement attorney will assure you comply with litigation deadlines and formalities as well has work to settle the matter for less than the original balance owed. There are some winning arguments on the debtor’s side of the case that a debt settlement attorney can help you find. When faced with an aggressive creditor always consult a debt settlement attorney immediately.

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