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January 22, 2015

Sued by Bank of America Recently?

Bank of America Lawsuits On the Rise

Los Angeles, CA
January 22, 2015

Bank of America recently decided to aggressively pursue delinquent credit card debt by hiring collections attorneys to collect on their behalf. These attorneys may eventually file lawsuits on consumers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. Many of these consumers have been caught off guard because some have described Bank of America’s collection efforts as relatively tame in comparison to others recently.

Debt collection lawsuits are often costly, long, and complex. I would no more counsel someone to represent themselves than I would encourage someone to cut their own hair or drill their own teeth.  Consumers with a Bank of America lawsuit or past-due debt with BOFA should consider contacting a qualified debt settlement attorney immediately. A qualified debt settlement attorney can often negotiate a settlement prior to litigation and defend and help resolve the issue if the debtor has been sued.

At McCarthy Law PLC, we have experienced debt attorneys nationwide that can help with a Bank of America lawsuit or any other outstanding debt issues you may have. In fact, you can speak to a debt paralegal now for no cost, and with no obligation by contacting us now. Ease your worries by talking to us, and deciding for yourself, if meeting with an experienced debt attorney is the right option for you.

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