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May 6, 2015

Debt Collectors Shut Down by CFPB


Debt Collectors Shut Down by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently took action against a debt collection ring that was robo-calling its debtors and harassing them incessantly. The collectors used bogus names to collect, such as “LRS Litigations”, “IRS Equity” and “Worldwide Requisitions”.

According to the lawsuit, they threatened people with lawsuits and possible criminal arrests. The collectors would not tell people anything about their debt or prove they owned the debt, but they possessed very personal, confidential information about people. They used this access to information, along with threats and harassment, to convince people to pay.

As the suit alleges, this was a ring of debt collectors. Including: Universal Debt and Payment Solutions LLC; Universal Debt Solutions LLC; WNY Account Solutions LLC; WNY Solutions Group LLC; Check & Credit Recovery LLC; Credit Power LLC; and S Payment Processing & Solutions LLC. All of these companies have now been shut down by the CFPB.

If you are the victim of debt collection harassment or are receiving collection calls for debts you do not owe, contact an attorney who can stop the harassment, determine the validity of the collection and debt, and then help you work to reduce and eliminate legitimate debts.



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