Graduated? Now Face the Wrath of Student Loan Debt
June 9, 2015

College Graduation Means Facing Student Loan Debt

Graduated? Now Face the Wrath of Student Loan Debt

For many recent graduates this year, the celebration of graduation is marred by the oncoming student loan debt burden many graduates face. The majority of graduates will not graduate with a job offer waiting for them. Instead, the majority of recent graduates will face a more difficult job market with higher student loans than those classes that preceded them.

Most experts advise formulating a plan to deal with student loan payments rather than hiding from student loans forever. For instance some students who cannot repay their student loan debt will not update their current address with their lenders, will not answer the phone, and will not return mailed correspondence. Some students will make payments and then struggle to continue making payments and go into default. Others will defer their student loans or put their loans into forbearance status for as long as possible until they are able to find a new job or they run out of postponement time. As seen in the article students have never been more aware of the student loan burden that they now face.

Action Plan: If you are recent graduate burdened by high student loan debt contact a qualified debt settlement attorney today. A qualified debt settlement attorney can often negotiate with your private lenders for large reductions in the original balance owed making repayment possible and much faster.

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