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August 20, 2015

The best part of being a debt attorney

Kevin McCarthy, Managing Partner

Kevin McCarthy, Managing Partner

The Best Part of My Debt Law Practice Is …

The best part of my practice is getting to read notes like the one below from another satisfied client.  I started my career representing banks and large business concerns.  Like the work here at the firm, the work of representing large business concerns was interesting, but I don’ recall my work ever receiving the kindness and gratitude we get from clients today all the time.

Helping our clients work out of debt for far less than the creditor claims due (without bankruptcy) is nothing less than life-changing for many clients.  Being part of that substantial positive change in people’s lives is quite heartening for all of us at the firm.  It is truly a blessing for us to earn our daily bread providing a service to people who need it and so often convey their heartfelt appreciation for having received it.

Here’s the letter I referenced at the top:

Hi this is I haven’t heard from you in a while so I am writing this little message to say thank you for your services. The legal team that was assigned to my case was very professional and handled my case very well I was pleased with the outcome. I especially like the way they basically took my problem and made it there’s they really put my mind at ease and reduced my stress surrounding my dilemma. Thing were handled in what I thought was a timely manner the communications back and forth were open and honest and really felt like I had someone on my side supporting me and my interests Once again thank you for all your efforts Sincerely


Thanks again to all of our clients for enriching our lives.  We are grateful that you have placed your confidence in us during such a difficult time in your lives.

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