Get Your Credit Report Errors Corrected at No Charge
September 30, 2015

Credit Report Errors Corrected at No Charge

How Can I Get My Credit Report Errors Corrected at No Charge

(And Perhaps Get $1000, Too)?

If you are more than one of the 40 million consumers with an error in one of your credit reports, you already know how difficult it is to get these errors corrected because the credit reporting agencies devote limited resources to addressing errors and the investigations they conduct are often inadequate.  Worse yet, these uncorrected errors often cause you to pay a higher interest rate on loans, pay higher insurance costs, and encounter difficulty in securing employment. As of today, no one need suffer the dreadful consequences of a credit reporting error ever again.  Beginning today, McCarthy Law will fix credit reporting errors essentially for free with a No Fee Guarantee.  The process is simple: all the firm needs to get started is your credit report and an understanding of the error.  If you aren’t sure if your credit report is error-free, the firm can help you obtain a free copy and then take it from there. McCarthy Law PLC is a national law firm with its main offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.  More than 100 attorneys nationwide serve its consumer clients in a variety of different practice areas, including credit repair, debt negotiation, mortgage mediation, personal injury, and general litigation matters. The “No Fee Guarantee” assures you that the firm does not collect attorneys’ fees unless it obtains more than $1000 on your behalf.  The firm gets its fee from the money the firm collects from the bad guys for screwing up your credit and you ALWAYS get at least the first $1000 the firm collects.  No upfront fees or costs. You come out-of-pocket for nothing.  You never pay the firm a dime out of your own pocket.

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