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October 24, 2016

Insight Into the Mind of a Debt Collector

From the desk of our McCarthy Law attorney in San Diego, Daniel Gamez:

Understanding how the mind of a debt collector works is helpful. You may despise them for the things they do, especially when they harass you in their efforts of collecting the money you owe. Below is an interesting article which gives advice to debt collectors in efficiently and effectively collecting debt. Take a look so you can understand them better:

Some debt collectors resort to various aggressive techniques in trying to collect money from you. They squeeze as much money as they can from you. You may owe them money, but you also have rights. Here’s an important advice. When collectors bug you with their calls: don’t pick up the phone! You don’t have to answer their calls and give them excuses or reasons on why haven’t you paid them yet. The best way to do is to retain an attorney to protect your rights and represent you regarding your debt issues. Once they receive letters of representation, they will stop harassing you. This should stop them from annoying you with their phone calls.

Remember this: debt collectors resort to various strategies when collecting money from you. Your best defense against their annoying and aggressive measures is to have a reliable, dedicated attorney by your side.

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