Capital One for Collection Post-Bankruptcy!
December 1, 2016

Capital One Duns Folks for Collection Post-Bankruptcy!

Creditors know that attempting to collect from a debtor even after the latter has filed for bankruptcy could make them end up in court. Despite this knowledge of having to face serious legal trouble, many creditors still resort to tricks and post-bankruptcy harassments. They simply ignore the fact and continue doing what they’re good at: collecting.

This is something that many debtors are already aware of. So it’s no longer a surprise for them. The best one can do is to know that debtors who have filed for bankruptcy are protected by the law. But this is not only the problem that debtors have to deal with. Studies and data show that aside from debt collection agencies, there’s a company that resort to such form of harassment and trickery: Capital One. They try to prey over those who have already been cleared off via bankruptcy and squeeze money from these financially struggling individuals. To make things worse, their only excuse is ignorance. A company that’s earning billions should be embarrassed and stop from making people poorer by victimizing them instead of helping them.

If you are harassed by either Capital One, debt collection agencies or other similar companies even after you have been cleared off by filing bankruptcy; remember that you have the law on your side. McCarthy Lawyers are always ready to serve and protect.

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