Losing the American Dream to Student Loan Debt?
December 5, 2016

Are We Losing the American Dream to Student Loan Debt?

In recent years, the recession has greatly affected many Americans. A lot of young people have gathered up huge piles of student debts. Studies show that student loan debt is at an all-time high. This affects not just the young man’s dream to own a home, but the America dream as well. That’s just sad and worrisome.  You can read more on how student loan debts are pushing back the American dream in full detail, with evidence and figures, in this article:

Reading such horrible facts might get recent graduates worried-sick. The die has been cast and there’s no turning back.  Students have already loaned when they funded their education. Now they’re paying the price for something they were only a victim of. With high payments, a looming increases in interest rates on federal student loans, and already high rates on private student loans it is making it near impossible for post-grads to pay off those loans and get a mortgage for a new home. You may not be able to undo what has been done, but you can still find a way out of this financial hole.

What many students fail to realize is that they can still negotiate for reductions with their lenders. That way, they can find a decent debt settlement. This may not mean that you can eliminate your student loan totally, but at least you can have a bit of air to settle your debt once and for all. That’s a lot better than drowning in debt and paying high interest rates for who knows how long!

If you have private student loan debt you should consider consulting with an attorney to determine if your debts may be suitable for a settlement.  With thousands and thousands of dollars on the line, it’s at least worth a call and an hour consultation.

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