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April 24, 2017

Student Loan and the American Dream

Student loan debt in the United States has topped $1.41 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. That boils down to around $32,000 per student borrower. (For more information and student loan statistics, go to: That’s a pretty deep hole for a college graduate to dig out of, considering an average college graduate earns just over $40,000. All this digging can put out of reach or seriously delay many aspects of the American dream.

Homeownership, for many grads, is a distant fantasy. It may even be difficult to get a good rate on a car loan. Others are not able to further their education, and their fortunes, by going to grad school. And saving for retirement is seriously delayed for many borrowers. A growing number have or are considering getting second jobs just to be able make ends meet. Don’t these sound like things you go to college to avoid worrying about?

We believe every person is entitled participate in the American dream. Going to college should give you a better crack at it! If private student loans are getting in the way of your dreams, McCarthy Law may be able to help. We negotiate directly with student loan companies to secure a significant reduction in the amount that you owe. Give us a call at 1-855-867-2121 or visit us online at

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