Is Phillips and Cohen Associates Trying to Collect Money From You?
December 6, 2022

Is Phillips and Cohen Associates Trying to Collect Money From You?

Have you received a letter from a debt collection agency called Phillips and Cohen Associates? Maybe you see this name listed on your credit report?

You might have limited information as to what this means exactly but it could mean that you are being pursued for the outstanding debt of a deceased relative. While it might be tempting to ignore this letter, especially at this difficult time, it’s important to take action and respond in order to avoid future complications. 

Let’s talk about what you can do about this letter from Phillips & Cohen Associates and why you should do everything possible to dispute their claims. 

Who are Phillips and Cohen Associates? 

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd is a debt collection agency that focuses in part on financial recovery related to deceased individuals. Creditors use their services to collect outstanding debt or a creditor may sell the debt to a debt buyer who will purchase these accounts at a discount with the intention of recovering the debt from relatives of the deceased. Although present in the U.S and Canada, this debt collection agency also has offices in other countries around the world.

While Phillips and Cohen Associates is a legitimate company, the agency is sometimes criticized for their tactics. Online reviews allege the firm to have harassed grieving family members to pay outstanding bills, or in some instances it was alleged the outstanding debt did not exist in the first place.

This is why knowing your rights can protect you from unethical practices. You should also know exactly why it’s important to dispute any such claims because an account related to Phillips and Cohen Associates can have a serious impact on your credit report.

What to Do If You are Contacted by Phillips and Cohen Associates

If you are being sued by Phillips and Cohen Associates, you should immediately send a letter to the agency requesting that they validate the debt. According to law, the firm must provide evidence of the outstanding debt and it’s not always possible for them to show sufficient evidence. However, if the agency can verify this debt, you will need to act in order to dispute the claim.

If they have yet to do so, this is usually the point when most people decide to contact a debt settlement lawyer. While the attorney can also take care of the first step above, their expertise is most valuable for valid claims. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how a debt settlement lawyer can help you:

Assessment – We use our legal knowledge and expertise to assess the lawsuit and potentially arrange for the case to be dismissed. For instance, it sometimes transpires that this debt was already paid by the deceased and it is often possible to dismiss a lawsuit if the debt goes beyond the statute of limitations.

Response – We will respond to each and every claim on the letter and try to refute all allegations. This will require Phillips and Cohen Associates to compile more documentation to validate the claim and prove the debt belongs to you.

Filing – If a lawsuit has been filed against you, we will make sure the right documentation is submitted to the court on your behalf.  Timely filing of the correct pleadings will avoid a default judgment from being entered against you.

Negotiations – Our debt settlement lawyers can negotiate on your behalf and often reduce the amount of debt to be paid. This can help alleviate stress because it means you avoid speaking with the collection agency.

Support – Our team of lawyers is always there to fight your corner and to provide relief and protection when it comes to harassment by the debt collection agency. We also recognize the cruel timing of such a letter and our compassionate lawyers will do everything possible to shoulder much of the burden at this difficult time. 

Contact our team at McCarthy Law today to discuss this matter. We offer free consultations and a clear timeline/strategy for resolving this issue for you.

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