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About Our Law Firm

About Our Debt Settlement Law Firm

Our lawyers work with you to settle debts and defend you against creditors

McCarthy Law PLC helps people in difficult financial situations because of too much debt.
For many different reasons – the loss of a job, personal or emergencies, divorce, declining home values, a difficult economic environment – many people find themselves in financial difficulties.

Declaring bankruptcy may be the best answer in your unique situation.
If so, we will refer you to a bankruptcy law firm.
If, however, you are a good candidate for a bankruptcy alternative, our attorneys will work with you and your creditors to resolve the debt.

Our firm negotiates debt settlements for clients

When you arrive at one of our local law offices, you will meet with an experienced debt negotiation lawyer who will review your financial situation with you and explain your options.
The consultation is FREE.
We feel you should be fully comfortable with the attorney handling such a personal subject.

  • We offer you a flat fee and FREE consultation
  • Your debt is often resolved within six to thirty-six months
  • We handle all negotiations and contacts with your creditors

If you have HELOC debt, second mortgage deficiency, IRS tax debt, business debt, SBA debt, or if you have substantial credit card debt, take the time in a quiet, calm office to talk with an attorney experienced with debt settlement process. We are here to help.

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