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American Coradius International LLC

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Have You Received Phone Calls or Letters from American Coradius International LLC? American Coradius International, also known as ACI, is a third-party debt collection agency. The company focuses on recovering unpaid debts for creditors. ACI operates in several states, including …

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Capital Management Services

Have You Been Contacted By Capital Management Services (CMS)?  Capital Management Services LP, also known as CMS, is a company that represents creditors for the purposes of debt collection practices. As a debt collection agency, they act both as an …

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Patenaude & Felix A.P.C. 

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Have You Been Contacted by Patenaude & Felix A.P.C. Regarding an Outstanding Debt? Patenaude & Felix is a law firm which focuses onthird-party debt collection. They operate in Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. …

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Second Round, LP

Have You Been Called by Second Round, LP, About Collecting a Debt? Second Round, LP, is a third-party debt collection agency located in Austin, TX. The company specializes in collecting consumer debts such as credit cards, auto deficiencies, utility, and …

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National Enterprise Systems (NES)  

Have You Been Contacted by NES Regarding an Outstanding Debt? National Enterprise Systems, also known as NES, is a third-party debt collection agency headquartered in Solon, Ohio. The agency collects on behalf of 150 post secondary institutions, as well as …

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