Respond to Debt Collectors like Capital Management Services

Have You Been Contacted By Capital Management Services (CMS)? 

Capital Management Services LP, also known as CMS, is a company that represents creditors for the purposes of debt collection practices. As a debt collection agency, they act both as an intermediary for first-party debt collection, and attempt to collect overdue debts that the original creditors deem uncollectible through third party collection efforts. Capital Management Services is based in the state of New York and has been in business for approximately twenty years. 

On their website, CMS says they are “a nationally licensed collection agency providing the highest quality of proven recovery and project solutions” for clients in the financial industry. Customer complaints describe their debt collection practices as exploitative and their professional conduct as unsatisfactory.

All debt collectors are required to follow the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you have received phone calls or letters from Capital Management Services, we advise you to familiarize yourself with your rights under the FDCPA and seek the advice of a qualified debt attorney. Experienced attorneys like us at McCarthy Law PLC will help you respond to debt collection letters sent by collectors, create a debt management plan, defend you against companies using a predatory debt collection strategy, and negotiate on your behalf for a better debt settlement.

How Do You Contact CMS?

If you have informed yourself about CMS and wish to contact them, they can be reached phone, email, or by mail at their headquarters in Buffalo, NY. 

Capital Management Services

Address: 698 1/2 S. Ogden Street. Buffalo, NY 14206.


Phone: 800-457-8220

Customer Rating: 2.8/5

Does CMS Have A Good Reputation?

Capital Management Services is not recognized as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau, where it has an “A+” rating. It has received twenty-five complaints from consumers over the last three years. Many of them describe violations of the FDCPA. Capital Management Services was also the subject of an article released by Consumer Affairs listing thirty negative reviews about the business’ debt collection practices. 

The most common complaints against Capital Management Services refer to:

  • Attempts to collect non-existing debt
  • Falsely claiming to represent specific creditors as clients
  • Failing to validate debt
  • Rude behavior and unprofessional conduct
  • Threatening to garnish wages and take legal action

What Should You Do if You Are Contacted By CMS?  

The first step after being contacted by any debt collector should be to request a debt validation letter. Individuals are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act from shady debt collection practices, and you have a right under that act to request debt validation from any third-party debt collection agency.

Upon request, a third-party debt collector should send a letter with the following details:

  1. What the debt is and who is owed
  2. The amount owed
  3. Additional details unique to you and your specific case 

Requesting this debt validation is an important step, especially in response to phone calls from collectors. This process will determine if you’ve been targeted by a scam and if you are speaking with a valid debt collection agency. It will also ascertain if any collection letters you receive line up with your knowledge about your own debt obligations to original creditors. 

Following validation of the debt, your next step should be to contact a qulifiedsettlement attorney. Those of us at McCarthy Law PLC are here to answer the questions you have about any debt collections agency. A compassionate and experienced attorney can explain and guide you through the process of dealing with unpaid debts and represent you in negotiations with collectors to secure a favorable debt settlement.

Our expertise allows us to ensure that any debt collection letter you receive is from a legitimate business following FDCPA rules and regulations. With our help, you can end frequent phone calls and letters from debt collectors without worrying about unusual debts you might owe to an original creditor. 

If you have been contacted or harassed by Capital Management Services, or any similar company, you can take action by seeking legal counsel through a free consultation with McCarthy Law PLC. Call us today at (855) 976-5777, or get started online right now