Has Midland Funding Contacted You to Collect on a Debt?

Has Midland Funding Contacted You to Collect on a Debt?

If Midland Funding, LLC has contacted you in an attempt to collect on a debt, you may not immediately recognize that name and doubt the validity of their claims. Midland Funding is one of the nation’s largest purchasers of uncollected debt. This means that they are a third-party debt collection agency who buys unpaid debt from original creditors. They then turn around and attempt to recover that debt for themselves.

Midland Funding is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group, along with Midland Credit Management Inc and Asset Acceptance Capital Group. They may have contacted you in an effort to collect the debt they claim you owe, or they may have served you with a debt collection lawsuit. You may find yourself unsure how to proceed after being contacted by them. You could be tempted to simply ignore their communication attempts, but this could backfire.

If they obtain a legal settlement against you, they may be able to garnish your wages or even freeze your bank account. It’s never a good idea to simply ignore their attempts to contact you, especially if they’ve already filed a lawsuit. This could lead to the court entering an automatic judgment against you. A debt collection attorney like those with McCarthy Law may be able to help you decide how to proceed.

What Can You Do if Midland Funding Contacts You?

If Midland Funding agency contacts you out of the blue, you may be both confused and unsure as to the best course of action. The good news is that consumer protection laws exist to help prevent overly aggressive debt collection agents from harassing people they claim owe them an outstanding debt. Debtors who are contacted by Midland Funding have the right to ask for written proof of the claims being made against them.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the FDCPA), creditors are required to offer a written debt verification letter that lists the debt they claim is owed, how much debt is involved, and other relevant facts. Debt collection agents are not permitted to simply claim that money is owed without backing that up with written proof.

In the event that you feel the debt is invalid or the amount is incorrect, you have the right to dispute the debt collection claim. It may be a good idea to contact an experienced debt settlement attorney to help you negotiate with the creditor. If Midland Funding has already filed a lawsuit against you, a debt lawyer can also represent you in the lawsuit to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

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