Learn How to Respond to Patenaude & Felix

Have You Been Contacted by Patenaude & Felix A.P.C. Regarding an Outstanding Debt?

Patenaude & Felix is a law firm which focuses onthird-party debt collection. They operate in Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. The company represents clients including debt purchasers and creditors for the purpose of pursuing outstanding debts and debt litigation. Patenaude & Felix is led by its CEO, Raymond Patenaude, and they employ both skilled debt collectors and licensed attorneys. 

This business represents clients, but also attempts to collect outstanding debts. On their website, they state they are “currently litigating and collecting” for clients in several states. Patenaude & Felix has been involved in numerous legal cases and is the subject of at least twenty complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau over the last seven years. 

If you have been contacted by Patenaude & Felix A.P.C., we advise you to immediately contact a qualified debt attorney and familiarize yourself with your rights in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). An experienced debt attorney, like those of us at McCarthy Law PLC, will help you understand the information presented to you by Patenaude & Felix, create a plan to manage your debt, and negotiate a favorable debt settlement. In the case of a creditor lawsuit from Patenaude & Felix A.P.C., an attorney can provide legal guidance and defense. 

What Do Other Consumers Say About Patenaude & Felix?

Patenaude & Felix is not an accredited business on the Better Business Bureau and has an “A-” rating. Their customer reviews describe the company using predatory practices like sending letters to addresses with claims of outstanding debt for bills and identities that do not belong to the recipients. 

With over twenty filed complaints, many consumers describe situations in which they had money incorrectly removed from their personal accounts, and that the company’s representatives acted “with deceptive conduct” and a lack of professionalism. 

The full list of complaints against Patenaude & Felix A.P.C includes claims of: 

  • Not receiving responses in a timely manner
  • Threatening to pursue legal action with poor prior communication
  • Harassment
  • Lying and deliberately deceiving individuals
  • Deliberately withholding funds

How Do I Contact Patenaude & Felix? 

Patenaude & Felix is a firm that handles debt collection efforts for clients in several states. Their headquarters are in San Diego. Although Patenaude & Felix APC lists a toll-free phone number on their website, 800-832-7675, all mail can be directed to their head office in San Diego, which also has its own unique phone number. 

Address: 9619 Chesapeake Drive #300 San Diego, CA 92123

Phone Number: (858) 244-7600

Customer Rating: 1/5

What Should I Do If I Am Contacted By Patenaude & Felix? 

If you receive a debt collection letter, are contacted with debt collection demands, or experience any form of debt collection harassment, your first step should be to ask the company to verify your debt. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are legally entitled to receive this verification from the company contacting you. All debt collection firms and agencies are required to follow the rules and procedures of the FDCPA in order to protect consumers from unfair treatment.

Your debt verification should come in the form of an official letter with the following information: 

  • What the debt is and where it’s from
  • How much you owe
  • Any other information that would be specifically relevant to your individual situation

The process of verifying your debt is important because, in the area of debt collection and settlement, there are many opportunities for errors that result in harmful debt collection. This step is also important because it provides you with the information you need to respond effectively. Debt verification is a key step in the process of preparing a debt management or payment plan and responding to debt collector harassment. 

The second important step is to seek guidance from a qualified and compassionate settlement attorney, like the team at McCarthy PLC. We will support and guide you through the process of responding to a debt collection firm or a debt collection agency. If required, we will also represent you to negotiate reductions to your debt and provide defense against Patenaude & Felix; or any other debt collection law firm. 

If you’re ready to take control and respond to debt settlement companies like Patenaude & Felix, book one of our free consultations. Call our offices today at (855) 976-5777, or contact us online to get started right away.