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Have Your Been Contacted by Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd., Regarding Debt Collection for a Deceased Family Member?

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. is a financial recovery agency focuses on financial recovery solutions, including deceased care and probate recovery services. Founded in 1997, the firm has offices in both the U.S. and across the globe, including: Canada, Australia, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.’s goal is to collect outstanding debt on behalf of creditors.

While the firm is a legitimate debt collection agency, they have been criticised for the methods through which they seek out information regarding recently deceased individual’s outstanding debt. Should you have received a letter from Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. addressed to the Executor of a deceased relative’s estate that does not provide details about the creditor or debt, we advise that you seek the support of an experienced debt attorney like McCarthy Law PLC.

Our expert attorneys will help you navigate the validity of the letter sent by Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.—especially if you believe your deceased loved one paid off their outstanding debts. If your recently deceased loved one did owe to creditors, our supportive and compassionate lawyers will stand by you, negotiate favorable debt settlement, and defend you against creditor lawsuits.

What Consumers are Saying: Phillips & Cohen Reviews, Complaints and Lawsuits

Phillips & Cohen has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. However, in the reviews many individuals claim the firm harassed them or their loved ones shortly after dealing with a death in the family. Overall, Phillips & Cohen has a 1.31/5 rating with an average of 13 customer reviews. In one review, an individual alleges the letter she received was a means of “phishing” for information to exploit the deceased’s family members.

Additionally, the firm has 43 complaints against it, dating as far back as 2017. In the complaints, many grieving individuals claim the firm reached out to them looking for an “executor who is authorized to pay outstanding bills”—despite the deceased having no outstanding debts or, in some cases, not being deceased at all.

How to Contact Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.

Phillips & Cohen has offices across the globe. If you’ve received a letter regarding debt collection from the firm, you can reach your local branch at:

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.
Address: 1002 Justison  St., Wilmington, DE 19801, United States
Phone: 1-866-504-4754
Customer Rating: 2.⅖

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.
Address: 300 S. Pine Island Road, Suite 260, Plantation, FL 33324, United States
Phone: 954-660-8400
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Analytics Office)
6755 Earl Dr, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918, United States
Phone: N/A
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Canada)
Address: 16766 Trans-Canada Hwy Suite #402, Kirkland, Quebec, Canada, H9H 4M7
Phone: 1-866-272-3003
Customer Rating: 2.3/5

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Australia)
Address: Level 5, 1 Southbank Blvd., Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
Phone: 61-1800-457-675
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (UK)
Address: Building 5, Floor 9, Exchange Quay, Manchester M% 3EF, United Kingdom
Phone: 44-333-555-1051
Customer Rating: 1.7/5

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Republic of Ireland)
Address: 2nd Floor, 13 Baggot Street Upper, Saint Peter’s, Dublin, 4, D04 W7K5, Ireland
Phone: 353-1800-945-146
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Spain)
Address: Calle López de Hoyos, 35-1º, 28002, Madrid, Spain
Phone: 91-787-4273
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Portugal)
Address: Avenida da República 50, 2 Andar, 1050-196 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: N/A
Customer Rating: N/A

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. (Germany)
Address: Berliner Allee 22, 40212 Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: N/A
Customer Rating: N/A

What Should You Do if You’re Contacted by Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd.?

If you receive a letter from Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd., the first step is to ask for your debt, or the debt of a deceased loved one, to be validated. All debt collection agencies must follow the same rules. This includes Phillips & Cohen. These rules are dictated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Under the FDCPA, you can dispute a debt when a debt collection agency tries to collect. You are also entitled to receive written verification of a debt from the collection agency. This is called debt validation or debt verification. In the debt verification letter, it will outline what the debt is, how much is owed and any other pertinent information.

The second step you should take is to reach out to our qualified and compassionate debt settlement attorneys at McCarthy Law PLC. Our team of lawyers can help you navigate what to do when the debt collectors at Phillips & Cohen reach out to you, confirm if you actually owe anything, and stand by you to protect your interests.

At McCarthy Law, our debt attorneys can represent you to negotiate reductions to your debt and defend you against creditor lawsuits. We always offer a free consultation to discuss your options, timelines and strategy to get true relief and protect you from harassment by debt creditors.

Contact McCarthy Law PLC today at 855-976-5777 or reach out to us online to learn more about your rights, stop creditors from harassing you and to begin the debt settlement process.