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Yuma Debt Settlement Attorney

James N. Tilson Attorney McCarthy Law PLC

James N. Tilson Attorney McCarthy Law PLC

James N. Tilson Attorney McCarthy Law PLC

James N. Tilson Yuma Debt Settlement Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in Yuma, AZ

James N. Tilson is of counsel in the McCarthy Law PLC Yuma, AZ office. A 1997 University of Kentucky College of Law graduate, James was admitted to the Arizona Bar in 1999. Upon his admittance to the Arizona Bar, he opened his own practice in Yuma, AZ and has since concentrated on representing everyday people in Yuma County. His areas of expertise include criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy as well as debt settlement. James has lengthy trial experience, with over forty criminal jury trials over the length of his practice as well as numerous family law related trials each year.

After the events surrounding the housing crash of 2008, James recently began practicing foreclosure defense. He represents homeowners fighting to save their homes from foreclosure, by researching the title to their property and suing when he finds irregularities due to inferior banking practices arising from the last decade.

James is an experienced defense and trial attorney. His goal is to be of service by working with his clients, their families, and the court system so his clients are afforded all the rights guaranteed by law. He cares about his clients and makes himself readily available by email and telephone.

James N. Tilson, Esq.
Of Counsel
McCarthy Law PLC
106 S. Madison Ave., Suite 1
Yuma, AZ 85364

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