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Arvett G. Bradford at McCarthy Law PLC in Springfield, Massachusetts Arvett G. Bradford is of counsel in the McCarthy Law, PLC Springfield, Massachusetts office. She has been a practicing member of the State Bar of Massachusetts since 1993. She received her law degree from Western New England University in Springfield.

Attorney Bradford has over 20 years of experience in the areas of family, divorce and personal injury law. Reviewing and preparing financial documents is an integral aspect in the representation of her clients. Enlisting financial experts to further advise clients in these areas is often a requirement to moving forward.

Financial strains in any stage of one’s life is very difficult, however that financial complexity is magnified when couples separate. Instead of living expenses being collective as they once were, those same resources are now divided to support two households. In the meantime, consumer and educational debt continue, while existing income to satisfy those obligations remains depleted, sometimes resulting in late fees being incurred, interest rates increasing and credit scores plummeting. Seek help, ask questions. It is true, financial relief can be sooner than you think.

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