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garrett headshotGarrett F. Charity is Lead Attorney in the McCarthy Law PLC office and a member of the California Bar. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History from Princeton University. While at Princeton, Garrett competed as a member of the crew team. Garrett also received various academic scholarships including the National Merit Scholarship and NEED Scholarship. Garrett received his Juris Doctor Degree from Southwestern University School of Law where he was a recipient of the Schumacher Scholarship. While at Southwestern,>Garrett was named Best Overall Client Advocate in the Negotiation Honors Program Competition.

He went on to compete in the International Competition for Mediation Advocacy in Toronto where he advanced to the quarterfinal round against numerous competitors from around the world. In addition to his legal studies Garrett worked consistently in the legal profession throughout his time in law school.

Prior to joining McCarthy Law PLC, Garrett negotiated and counseled various business transactions as an attorney for an aggressive technology startup. This work involved business entity formation, business transaction counseling, and contract drafting and review. In this role Garrett negotiated many contracts with the legal team and helped forecast client financial problems and plans to solve them. Here, Garrett developed sensitivity for high dollar and high importance corporate legal work.

Before his legal career, Garrett spent many years negotiating sophisticated medical supply contracts in the Los Angeles area on behalf of a major medical device manufacturer. These agreements regularly involved hundreds of thousands of dollars and complex acquisition strategies. Garrett has successfully negotiated large contracts with Cedars-Sinai, UCLA, and USC Medical Centers among many other large hospitals.

Outside of McCarthy Law PLC, Garrett serves as a Commissioner, and is former Chair, for the Rent Stabilization Commission for the City of West Hollywood. Garrett and his fellow commissioners are responsible for promulgating policies, rules, forms or regulations found necessary to effectuate, implement and enforce the provisions of the Rent Control Ordinance. The Commission hears all appeals of decisions by a hearing examiner. The Commission submits an annual written report to the City Council describing its activities taken pursuant to the Ordinance.

Garrett loves practicing debt law with McCarthy Law PLC because he is able to do life changing work with his debt help. At McCarthy Law PLC, Garrett often takes the weight of the world off his clients’ shoulders. He understands debt can make you lose sleep at night, cause depression, and steal the joy from life. Even worse, facing a lawsuit from a big bank can be scary and intimidating. Garrett can fully explain the pathways out of debt and show his clients there is light at the end of the tunnel. His main goal as a Los Angeles debt attorney at McCarthy Law PLC is to give individuals, families, and businesses the peace of mind that comes with shedding excess debt and achieving financial security.

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