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San Antonio Debt Attorney | Jesse S. White

Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in San Antonio

Jesse S. White Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in San AntonioJesse S. White is of counsel in the McCarthy Law PLC San Antonio, TX office. He graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Law and has been practicing in Texas since 2001.

After law school, Jesse spent several years working for a large firm in Dallas, Texas where he assisted organizations, business and individuals in the areas of insurance defense, insurance coverage, commercial litigation, aviation law and construction defect litigation. Jesse opened his own law practice in San Antonio, Texas in 2006, where he shifted the focus of his practice to assisting individuals in the areas of family law, probate and estate planning.

It is common in divorce cases for an individual to have insufficient income to cover even the minimum payments on credit cards and other liabilities after paying child support, alimony and other obligations pertaining to the divorce. As a family law attorney, Jesse has experience in offering creative solutions and providing peace of mind to clients who are in need of counseling and assistance with their finances due to large amounts of unsecured debt.

As part of the McCarthy Law PLC team, Jesse is an experienced attorney who can help individuals eliminate debt and avoid bankruptcy or costly litigation.


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