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Blue Ash Debt Settlement Attorney

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Debt Attorney Joseph Candito at McCarthy Law PLC

Joseph Candito Blue Ash Debt Settlement AttorneyLet debt attorney Joseph Candito at McCarthy Law PLC, help provide you with your options and lead you to a path of fast debt relief. Contact us today by phone at 855-976-5777 whether you need help with credit card debt help or have other types of debt we can reduce and negotiate on your behalf. We offer a free debt reduction consultation with absolutely no obligation in our Ohio office near you.

You have probably seen all the ads and heard the radio commercials in Cincinnati advertising various companies ready to take your money to reduce your debt. Most of the time these debt relief companies are just debt relief scams, not lead by Cincinnati debt attorneys, but run by con artists or disreputable credit agencies promising more than they can deliver. What’s even worse is that these companies hide behind websites and phone numbers. As a Cincinnati debt attorney, Joseph Candito, meets each potential client in-person- and for FREE.

How a Debt Attorney Can Help You:

• Avoid Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy
• Reduce your interest rates
• Avoid foreclosure
• Reduce Private Student Loan Debt
• Stop the collection calls and letters
• Negotiate your unsecured debt
• Minimize your monthly payments

I’m sure you understand there is no quick fix to get rid of debt. What most people do not understand is that there are many options and ways in which you can avoid bankruptcy but still get debt help. As an of counsel attorney at the national debt firm of McCarthy Law, Joseph Candito will discuss your debt relief options, help you make an educated decision that fits for your certain situation individually.

So how does it work? Reducing your debt with debt settlement  is a often overlooked solution in getting real debt help. When you enter into a debt settlement program, by negotiating with a creditor, like a credit card company, your debt attorney negotiates your debt so that you pay off less than what you previous owed. In addition, he negotiates payment terms that can work with your current financial situation and help you avoid having to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We help people daily that are in the same situation as you with debt. Do not feel you are alone and make sure you understand all of your options before making a decision. At McCarthy Law, we will do everything possible to help you avoid bankruptcy. We will work with you and your current financial situation to develop a custom debt help plan.

Types of  Debts We Settle:

• Credit Card Debt
• Private Student Loan Debt
• Unsecured Personal Loans
• IRS tax debt
• Mortgage debt

What If You Decide to Do Nothing About Your Debt?
Trying to hide from creditors may buy you some time however it the issue can only escalate and lead to a potential summons from your credit card company or worse. As an experienced Cincinnati debt attorney in Decatur, Joseph Candito can not only help negotiate your debt but also represent you in the case of a credit card lawsuit or summons.


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