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Patricia Riley at McCarthy Law PLC in BoulderPatricia Riley is of counsel in the McCarthy Law PLC Boulder office and a licensed Colorado attorney.

Overwhelmed. Angry. Scared. Depressed. Distrustful. Anxious. These emotions describe the clients that walk through our door. Understanding. Empowerment. Relief. Peace of mind. These emotions describe our clients after they spend their first hour with us. We are not just lawyers, we are counselors at law. We listen. We understand. The recession of 2008 and the poor economic climate of the last number of years has left record numbers of clients with debt that far exceeds their ability to ever pay. These same people have barely survived and in many cases have been forced to use their life savings or money in retirement accounts to do so. We offer creative asset and debt allocation strategies, aimed at preserving valuable property, both real and personal. With over 22 years of experience in the law, we work diligently to assist our clients in navigating the complex maze of decisions required to fully protect their accumulated wealth and their precious relationships. We know that an effective family law attorney must possess a unique interdisciplinary skill set. Ms. Riley brings her knowledge of the latest research by experts in psychology, child development, and parenting and combine it with her experience working in the financial markets on Wall Street to your side of the table.

Ms. Riley was the recipient of several prestigious academic scholarships which allowed her to attend and complete her undergraduate education at the University of Texas where she graduated in 1987 with a B.A. in Biochemistry. Ms. Riley applied for and was awarded entry into the four year J.D./M.B.A. program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. As her mother would say “a born litigator”, Ms. Riley pursued and excelled at coursed designed to prepare her for a career in the courtroom. Ms. Riley received the American Jurisprudence Award in Civil Procedure. She also worked in the Tax Clinic where she met with clients who needed help negotiating a fair resolution of their tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Ms. Riley graduated from the dual degree program in only three years, receiving her J.D. and achieving special recognition for her M.B.A. in Finance with High Honors. Ms. Riley was hired out of law school by the prestigious litigation firm, McKool Smith, where she practiced complex commercial litigation. She left to work on Wall Street, accepting a position as Vice President of Investment Banking at D. H. Blair Investment Banking Company. Ms. Riley utilized her financial knowledge and honed her negotiating skills assisting private start-up companies in packaging public offerings of stock. Ms. Riley returned to Texas and started a family. Immediately after becoming a mother, Ms. Riley decided to devote her professional life to protecting and nurturing the lives of children and families.

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