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Dave Roy

West Palm Beach Debt Attorney

West Palm Beach Debt Attorney

Dave Roy West Palm Beach Debt AttorneyWhile McCarthy Law has a large nationwide footprint, we work in smaller communities like West Palm Beach. We will meet with potential debt clients in person, to ensure we understand your unique situation and are confident we can help solve your challenges and provide you with true debt relief.  McCarthy Law offers experienced debt attorneys who deal with many types of debts such as credit card debt and  student loan debt.  The creditors and debt collectors can be very aggressive in trying to collect these debts, even filing lawsuits and we understand that you and your families need experienced representation by competent legal counsel that understands their hardship and are willing to work with them within their tight financial budget. Many times our team also finds that credit report errors have been made causing you more harm, and can help resolve these issues as well.

Our West Palm Beach debt attorney is enthusiastic and sympathetic and is anxious to help you make these challenging decisions in a safe, confidential environment in his convenient West Palm Beach law office.  Dave Roy is known for his experience and kindness and is confident that when you leave the consultation, that you are feeling a huge relief by just understanding your options and how Dave Roy and McCarthy Law can help them find true debt relief.

Negotiating and reducing your student loan or credit card debts is not immediate, but starting on the path and looking forward to better days ahead can be very comforting.  We also know that there are many companies that offer debt settlement but they never provide the legal support that a debt law firm can.  Unfortunately, they are often more expensive as well and typically are unable to help with student loan debt or fixing your credit report.  If you are ready to get started now, simply complete our free consultation form or call our debt helpline where we can answer many of your questions and make an appointment for you to meet with our West Palm Beach debt attorney.

We love bring active in the West Palm Beach community and helping and working with the good people of West Palm Beach.  We would love to help you and your family as well. During your complimentary consultation, we will examine your specific alternatives and provide you with empirical data so you can make the best decision possible. If you decide that this may not be the right solution or time for you, we understand and hope that you will leave the consultation having a much better understanding of what your financial options may be.

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