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Debt Settlement Attorney Jacksonville FL

Debt Settlement Attorney Jacksonville FL | William O’Leary

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William O'Leary Jacksonville Debt Settlement Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC in Jacksonville, FLWilliam O’Leary is of counsel for McCarthy Law PLC in the Jacksonville, Florida office. Mr. O’Leary is a graduate of Georgetown University where he received a B.A. in Government, Temple University School of Law where he received a Juris Doctorate, and the University of Florida College of Law’s Graduate Tax Program where he received an LL.M degree in taxation.

Mr. O’Leary was admitted to practice in Florida in 1990 and is a member of the Florida Bar. He practiced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for 5 years before relocating to Jacksonville, Florida in 1993, where he practiced commercial litigation for 11 years before taking a sabbatical from the practice of law to engage in commercial real estate development.

Mr. O’Leary returned to the practice of law 5 years ago where he now focuses on estate planning, wills and trusts, asset and creditor protection, probate, elder law, Medicaid and VA planning, special needs planning, small business planning, business transactions, and debtor relief. Mr. O’Leary has special knowledge in these areas. He also understands that choosing a lawyer is an important decision. Mr. O’Leary is committed to providing honest, professional and high quality legal representation.

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